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Dr. Melanie Conrad

Principal Investigator


Melanie received her PhD in 
Immunology from the University of Victoria, Canada.

Moumen Alhasan

PhD Student

Moumen Photo.jpg

Moumen recieved his pharmacy degree at the University of Aleppo,

Swarali Datye

PhD Student

Swarali_image (1).jpeg

Fariz Kahhaleh

PhD Student


Swarali completed her Master's in Microbiology from Abasaheb Garware College in Pune, India

Fariz has a Master's in Clinical Chemistry from Damascus University, Syria.  

Jeanne Arntz

Medical PhD Student


Jeanne is currently finishing medical school at Charité, and writing her thesis. :)

Jenny Miess

Medical PhD Student

Jenny .jpeg

Jenny is a medical student at the Charité who began her medical PhD with us in October.

Cerys Fisher




2021 - Dr. Elisa Sodemann
(Medical PhD)

2020 - Jacyra Duinkerken

2019 - Mireia Puig
(Lab rotation)


Cerys has a Master's in Molecular Medicine from the University of Reading, UK.

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